Restoring Motion & Disc Height

Dr. Aaron Webb
Health & Wellness

The Pettibon Repetitive Cervical Traction unit is a common device used in chiropractic practices for reestablishing motion in the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as treating TMJ. The Pettibon unit aids in relieving stiff necks, sore neck, neck pain, and TMJ pain.

The unit is hung over a door, and patients put the unit over their head, adjusted for the patient neck size and comfort, and then the patient slightly squats down, putting gentle pressure on the neck from the unit. The patient breathes in on squatting, and then breathes out upon standing.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and is known to cause severe jaw pain. The Pettibon unit is gently stretches and restores the natural curve to the neck, relieving pressure on the jaw. The Pettibon has an interchangeable piece for patients with TMJ, called the FAT traction. This allows for a gentler pressure on the jaw, for those who cannot bare pressure on the jaw due to TMJ pain.

The Pettibon is a common device used in both physical therapy and chiropractic offices. The Pettibon can be purchased for use at home but should be monitored from a physical therapist or chiropractic with frequent check-ups. The Pettibon has great outcomes in restoring movement to the neck and relieving neck and TMJ pain.