Pinched Nerve

Dr. Aaron Webb
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pinched nerve

A “pinched nerve” can happen suddenly, or you may have been living with it all of your life. The nerved is compressed because there is some type of pressure located on or around the nerve. The pressure can come from anything from the repeating of various movements, to being stationary for long periods of time. For an example, you may wake feeling some type of discomfort and it could be due to the position you held while sleeping. Your elbow may be sensitive since you slept with your elbow bent, or you neck could have a crook in it due to the leaning of your head.

Nerves are most susceptible at areas in your body where they go through thin areas, yet have minimal delicate cells to preserve them. Nerve pressure frequently happens when the nerve is squeezed between muscles, bones, tendons, or ligaments. The symptoms vary from person to person. Everyone experiences something different from pinched nerves. Therefore, different treatments are given or recommended for the condition. Some individuals may find it best to just rest or avoid the damaged area.

Physical therapy is a treatment option that will serve a purpose to treating the pinched nerve. The goal of physical therapy is to help aid in the mobility of your joints and muscles also allowing the ability to strengthen your muscles. This tactic will assist in the pinched nerve in becoming non-inflamed and eventually back normal operating ability.

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