Muscle Spasms

Dr. Aaron Webb
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muscle spasms

Muscle spasms are involuntary spontaneous contractions of a muscle. Although they seem to occur out of the blue, the movement that triggers the incident is generally followed by a series of small strains to the structures of the spine that develops slowly. When injured, inflammation sets in. This sensitizes the nerves, causing the muscles to contract and spasm.
Muscles can become too tight due to lack of exercise, too much exercise, structural imbalances, dehydration and electrolyte loss, or any combination of the few. One movement outside of the norm can trigger an injury to a spinal joint, ligament, or disc resulting in spasm and back pain. Once the back spasm episode has passed, and you’ve allowed enough time for the inflammation to subside, start focusing on what you can do to prevent it from happening again.
Incorporate stretching exercises into your daily routine. Muscle fibers benefit from gentle stretching. If you don’t engage in regular physical activity, now is the time to start. Exercise confers benefits too numerous to mention and too important to ignore. Always an important part of any exercise regimen, strength training not only builds muscle, it can reduce muscular imbalances. Muscles work in opposition to each other, so be sure to balance out your back strengthening routine with abdominal work.
Make avoiding another episode of muscle spasm a priority. It’s never too late to start increasing your strength and flexibility. Choose activities that you enjoy and commit to doing them on a regular basis.
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