Contact Sports

Dr. Aaron Webb
Chiropractic care is not just for injured people

Chiropractic care is not just for injured people, it’s also for people who want to decrease their
risk of injury in the first place. Many athletes, including those from contact sports like football,
choose to see a chiropractor for maintenance and injury prevention as well as treatment after
injury. Getting tackled on the field is a pretty common occurrence in football and one reason for
potential pain, which is why football players choose chiropractic care. Approximately 65 million
Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain and according to The Spine Journal, “56 percent
of patients who visited a doctor saw a 30 percent reduction in lower back pain. However, 94
percent of patients that received manual-thrust manipulation saw a 30 percent reduction in
lower back pain.”  That’s an impressive improvement.
NFL athletes such as Aaron Rodgers, Vernon Davis, Jerry Rice, Patrick Willis, and Justin Smith
choose chiropractic care because it’s a natural drug free option that works. But you don’t have
to be in the NFL to notice the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. Athletes of all kinds; High
and low impact athletes, dancers, regular gym goers, and even beginner speed walkers can
benefit from seeing a chiropractor as part of their healthcare routine.
All American healthcare suggests that chiropractic care is drug free, non-invasive care, can
decrease pain, help with injury prevention, performance enhancement and treat a variety of
injuries. If you have pain due to sports injuries, an accident or repetitive movement, it might be
time to make an appointment with a chiropractor and feel the difference it can make.